Ross Lynch

The Religion and Political Views of Ross Lynch


Ross Lynch was born in Littleton, Colorado. He was raised there and in Los Angeles, California.

Lynch gives absolutely no indication that he's remotely religious. As per his Twitter feed, he appears to celebrate Christmas,[1] but that is the extent to which the young musician/actor relates to anything in the religious spectrum as far as I could tell.

But, he's a young man, and he's still got plenty of time to change his mind. The pressures of fame at a young age, maybe a period of slumping sales, a band break-up, an early marriage and quick divorce and subsequent drug problem, maybe even a bankruptcy. Then rehab and voilĂ ! He finds God and lives happily ever after. But who's to say, really. Let us know in the comments how it all pans out over the coming years.

Speaking of his age, as of the writing of this article, he is not yet old enough to have voted in any election, no less a presidential one. And aside from the fact that he plays right wing in hockey,[2] there doesn't seem to be anything right or left about him. No acknowledgement of the 2012 presidential election on his Twitter page, no endorsement of gay marriage, no talk of gun control or the economy.

His involvement with the Boys & Girls Club[3] seems to be the most political thing about him, and that's frankly not political at all. If he keeps up his career in Hollywood and music, we can expect that he'll get involved with some liberal causes, but we'll have to wait and see. You'll keep us updated, yeah?

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