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Pro Aid to Uganda

1 Mar 2007


In an opinion piece written for ABC

Though crucial, it isn’t enough just for American citizens – whether college students, churchgoers or Hollywood actors – to send aid and moral support. The U.S. government must step up and respond to this moral outrage by making peace efforts more effective than they currently are. The missing ingredients in the current process are leverage with the parties and a focus on the real security issues that sustain the rebellion. U.S. engagement could make a huge difference in the lives of millions of Ugandans. We don’t have to send U.S. troops or billions of dollars in aid. Dispatching a senior American diplomat – with the blessing of the White House – to work all the issues necessary to end the conflict would give the Ugandan president a peace partner that would help motivate him in the peace process, and give the LRA the confidence that its adherents wouldn’t be hunted as terrorists if they signed and implemented a peace deal.
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