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The Religion and Political Views of Sarah Hyland



Sarah Hyland is a church-going Christian, but we know next to nothing about the details of her faith.

Political Views

She is a liberal Democrat, but not the most active Hollywood starlet.


Sarah Hyland grew up in New York City.

The young actress appears to be at least a semi-devout Christian, but we are sadly lacking in the details department. I have no clue what her denomination could be, but she tweeted a picture of herself and a friend with the following caption:

Silly faces in church with @arielwinter1 * seeestersss[1]

So I guess she goes to church. She also tweeted a picture of herself wearing rollerskates with the caption:

God give me strength! Literally. Physical. Strength.[2]

It doesn't seem that she takes the religion thing all too seriously, but that doesn't mean she's not devout. I did find it striking, however, that she didn't mention God much when talking about her chronic kidney condition. She thanked her father for donating one of his kidneys and her boyfriend for taking her to doctor's appointments, but nothing about how her faith in God carried her through.[3] Questionably meaningful, but interesting nonetheless.

Binders Full of Awesome

Sarah Hyland isn't the most political Hollywood starlet, but she's a liberal just like most of her peers. Her Twitter feed was more subdued than that of most liberal actors on election day in 2012, but she got a few tweets in there. She showed her support for the diversity of the Democratic party along with a little Romney sting when she retweeted this one:

Elected to the Senate today: the first disabled woman, first openly gay woman, first Asian woman. #BinderFullOfAwesome[4]

But she also made her wishes for better cooperation between Democrats and Republicans part of her election day rhetoric. She tweeted:

I hope that everyone, no matter their party, can work TOGETHER & have conversations. Progress will come when that can happen[5]

The only other major issue Hyland has commented on, as far as I can tell, is gay marriage. She tweeted how happy she was that rappers Jay-Z and 50 Cent had come out in support the issue dearest to liberal Hollywood.[6]

If Hyland starts sending out inspirational God tweets or talking about how Obamacare will have an effect on people with kidney conditions, let us know in the comments readers. As always, we appreciate your diligence in keeping us honest and up-to-date.

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