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The Religion and Political Views of Sebastian Vettel

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Political Affiliations

The Greens Supporter

Climate Change Believer

Social Justice Supporter

29 Dec 2021

Sebastian Vettel wants Germany to set examples in the fight against the climate crisis and increasing social justice. He would trust The Greens more to make the former happen.


LGBTQ+ Supporter

29 Dec 2021

In an interview with The Race, when asked about the F1's relationship with the LGBTQ+ movement

There are certain topics too big to neglect. We all agree – and it doesn’t matter where you come from – that it’s only fair to treat people equally. Countries have different rules in place, different governments, different backgrounds. I can’t speak for all the countries and be an expert because I don’t know. I think it’s not right to judge people or apply certain laws which differentiate people just because they happen to love a man instead of a woman or a woman instead of a man. That’s one thing, or the way they look, or their background or the things they believe in. I think any form of separation is wrong.



25 Apr 2021

When asked how he lives at home, in the context of sustainability

At home, I switched electricity providers a few years ago that could supply me with renewable energy. I’m happy to pay a little more for that. On my roof I have a solar system, try to produce a little bit of my own electricity. I’ve also become more conscious about what I eat. What do I eat? Where does what come from? I always ask myself that question now. You also don’t have to eat meat every day anymore. And when you eat meat, quality and origin make a big difference. Or the waste with plastic. I deal with all these issues very, very consciously. And I try to set a good example to inspire others.
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