Shailene Woodley
Climate Change

Shailene Woodley signed an open letter asking Congress to pass President Biden’s Build Back Better Bill.

Shailene Woodley

Our seas are in deep, deep trouble. They house an extraordinarily diverse eco-system of marine life, and are crucial to the well being of land-based ecosystems. And as of this moment, they may as well be the Wild West for corporations and governments to pillage as they please. Deep sea mining, lawless over-fishing, an outpouring of plastic and chemical pollution, shipping noise, disruption of floating seaweed beds, and changing temperatures caused by global warming are just a few of the clear threats to our seas. The high seas make up 61% of the ocean, and 73% of its volume. They matter to our whole planet and our future depends on them.

Shailene Woodley said, in an article written for Time discussing her feelings on the state of Earth’s oceans and her time spent on a ship with Green Peace.

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