Shawn Michaels

The Religion and Political Views of Shawn Michaels



Michaels was raised a Catholic, but is now a devout, vocal born-again Christian.

Political Views

Michaels is a conservative Republican.


Shawn Michaels, whose real name is Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, was born in Chandler, Arizona and grew up in a roving military family, but mostly in San Antonio, Texas.

Michaels was raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools.[1] During most of his wrestling career, Michaels was not particularly religious. But after he met his wife, Michaels became the devout born-again Christian we know today. He completely credits "the power of a praying wife" to his conversion.[2] He took it all the way, even becoming a Bible teacher at the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio.[3]

Now, Michaels' religion has become part of his celebrity persona. He has added praying to his theatrical wrestling introduction routine–complete with pyrotechnics and crazy outfits.[4] And during his pre-match interviews, he says things like:

My lord and savior Jesus Christ, I thank you, my king, for saving me.[5]

Furthermore, Shawn Michaels merchandise comes with Bible verses and other religious messages.[6]

But not everyone is buying what Michaels is selling. Fellow wrestler, Shane Helms, for example, thinks it's all an act, saying:

Shawn let me down in so many ways. I think his whole religious gimmick is a fucking work. I think he is the biggest hypocrite in the business.[7]

Well, it could be standard wrestler drama provocation, or it could be true. Who's to say?

Guns, Romney and The Nuge

Michaels has described his formative years as a "really conservative upbringing."[8] That's quite telling, isn't it? Michaels doesn't seem to talk much about his political views, but his actions and his endorsement of the words of others indicate that his conservative upbringing has continued on into adulthood. Michaels is a Republican.[9]

And he's quite the hunter, even hosting his own hunting show on the Outdoor Channel.[10] On his show, Michaels has hosted the likes of Ted Nugent,[11] which wouldn't really matter much considering The Nuge is also an avid hunter. But Michaels' retweet of Ted Nugent's endorsement of Mitt Romney for president in 2012 reveals Michaels' preference during that election:

RT @TedNugent: after a long heart&soul conversation with MittRomney today I concluded this goodman will properly represent we the people.[12]

So, it's settled. Conservative Republican.

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