Shemar Moore

The Religion and Political Views of Shemar Moore



Shemar Moore is spiritual, but not religious.

Political Views

He is crazy about Obama.


Shemar Moore was born in Oakland, California. For his first six years, he grew up mostly in Denmark and Bahrain until he moved back to the States with his mother where he continued to grow up mainly in Chico and Palo Alto, California.

Moore says he did not grow up in a religious family, despite the fact that both of his parents come from very religious homes. He said his mother "was raised going to school with the nuns,"[1] so I'm assuming she was Catholic, especially since she was raised in super-Catholic Boston.[2]

But even though he never received any formal religious training, Moore still considers himself a spiritual person. He said,

I know there's something greater than me. I do believe in God. What form of God? That's my place, but as long as I have that belief, as long as I have that spirituality about me. . . my spirituality continues to grow as I get older and more aware.[3]

His spirituality, however clear to himself, isn't something he talks about too much. There's nothing on his Twitter feed or in any other interviews that I could find. So we'll have to leave it right there.

And now it's time for: Obama Mania

It doesn't seem that Moore is particularly involved in politics outside of his love for Barack Obama. We've got a few pieces of info to clue us in like the pictures of the president he posts on his Twitter feed.[4] Oh, and then there's that giant tattoo he got on his back with Obama's face embedded in the words "Carpe Diem."[5]

Moore first became aware of the president at the same time as most of the rest of the country: during Obama's speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He said about that day,

I started to hear this speech over my shoulder and I watched this man. . . stand up there as articulate, and as eloquent, and as profound, and as poignant, and as passionate as he was. And he started talking, not about Republicans, not about Democrats, not about this race or that race, he just started talking about the United States of America and I was blown away.[6]

As for why he voted for the president in 2008, Moore said,

When I looked at that ballot, I asked myself, Am I voting for him because he's black? Yes I am. But I'm voting for him because he's qualified. Selfishly, I was voting for him because he's biracial, because I'm biracial. There are so many reasons why he, today, is the right man.[7]

I would assume that if he's such a huge Obama fan that Moore is probably fairly liberal as well. But I couldn't find anything about his views on any other political topics. If you know of anything I missed, please let us know in the comments. Until then, we'll just call him a Democrat.

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