Stevie Nicks

The Religion and Political Views of Stevie Nicks



Stevie Nicks is not a witch, but she does believe in magic and fairies and past lives.

Political Views

She is liberal, but not particularly political.


Stephanie "Stevie" Nicks was born in Phoenix, Arizona and grew up moving around the southwestern United States. She went to high school in southern California.

Contrary to popular belief, Nicks is not a witch or Wiccan.[1] She is, however, in the spiritual but not religious category.[2] She said moving around a lot in her youth precluded a commitment to any sort of religious community,[3] but she still credits God with getting her through years of drug addiction. She said,

I think there is definitely a God. I think there was definitely an angel with me all the way through the bad times. Somebody keeping me safe. I feel very spiritual now. I really believe that God makes my music good. . . . I mean, there has to be some outside help–this can't all be happening on its own.[4]

And even though she doesn't consider herself a witch, she says she played the part back in the Fleetwood Mac days because she likes to put on a good show.[5] But she still seems to believe in a mystical world of witches, magic, fairies, spirits, and past lives. She said about her past reincarnations:

I think I spent a lot of time in old churches, like a monk. I'm very comfortable around that kind of music, with that kind of creeping around, with being very quiet. My ballet teacher believes that my head was cut off in another life, too. . . . Even if I go to the beauty salon, I can't put my head back. They have to hold it or it will drop. . . It's very weird.[6]

Very weird indeed.

Stevie's Political Un-Awakening

Stevie Nicks may have always leaned left–she started donating to Democratic candidates back in 1984 and has continued to do so here and there over the decades.[7] But she says she was never particularly political until the beginning of her seventh decade. In 2009, when asked if she was affected by the struggling economy, she said,

Absolutely, I want to go home and write Bob Dylan songs, I want to go write radical, rebellious "let's try to make it better" songs. I'm very affected by everything going on. . . . I have never actually been very political before, and I'm starting to feel more political every day.[8]

The solo album she released a few years later wasn't particularly political, however. Her song "New Orleans" didn't have anything to do with the Bush administration's handling of Hurricane Katrina, and the song "Soldier's Angel" praises the troops but doesn't make a comment on how she feels about her country's recent wars.

I couldn't find anything about her opinion on any politicians or issues either. So I guess her political awakening was a private affair. I think it's safe to assume she's still pretty liberal, though. If you have anything else on Nicks' political views, leave us a comment!

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