Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Religion and Political Views of Stone Cold Steve Austin



Stone Cold is probably some sort of Christian, the sort of Christian whose particular translation of the Bible includes the book of Austin.

Political Views

Stone Cold is generally thought of as Republican, but he's never confirmed the rumors.


Stone Cold Steve Austin, born Steven James Anderson, was born in Victoria, Texas and grew up in Edna, Texas.

There's really no indication of Stone Cold's formal religious affiliation. His MySpace page has him listed as "Christian – other."[1] I'm more interested in the "other," to be honest.

Possibly the most poignant–and famous–religious statement Stone Cold ever made was in response to beating the hyper-religious Jake "The Snake" Roberts in the wrestling ring. He said, coldly:

You sit there and you thump your Bible, and you say your prayers, and it didn't get you anywhere! Talk about your psalms, talk about John 3:16… Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass![2]

I would say that's fairly critical of the devoutly Christian wrestler. But it was probably all show, and it launched a rather successful "Austin 3:16″ merchandising campaign–one this wrestler would have no problem passing on to hardcore Evangelical football player Tim Tebow, saying:

If Tebow can throw for 316 yards again this weekend then hell, he can have the numbers and I'll have no problem with it.[3]

Oh, he's so cold!

But seriously, Austin just isn't religious–or if he is, he's not letting on.[4]

Stone Cold politics

Stone Cold hasn't had much to say on the political front, either, but I do have some corroboration of opinion that he's a Republican.[5]

It wouldn't be surprising considering he likes to hunt[6] and he seems to have come out against the Occupy Wall Street movement when he retweeted a complaint saying that Occupiers should go home.[7] Sort of strange for the guy who built his wrestling image around the idea of an anti-corporate champion of the little guy.

Really, Stone Cold's political affiliation is pure speculation, but more than a few people wouldn't mind seeing his tough-guy routine in the White House. Calls for "Stone Cold for President" are a bit more prevalent than you'd think they would be.[8]

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