Fact about the Race views of T.I.


Black Lives Matter Supporter

15 Sep 2016


In an interview with NBC News

The first thing that [the video’s director Laureal Richardson and I] wanted to do was make sure that it was powerful enough to create the type of dialogue necessary to inspire some form of change. […] We wanted to give ‘the other side’ – and when I say the ‘other side’ I don’t mean police, I don’t mean white people, I mean people who think we’re just overreacting, the ‘All Lives Matter’ people –- we wanted to give them the least amount of ammunition to oppose our message. And the way to do that, we thought, was to go with the most atrocious of all of the travesties. And don’t get me wrong, there are still more that are equally atrocious, but for the purposes of our video … those were the ones that seemed most effective.
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