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Believes in God

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Believes in God

3 Jul 2020


On his Instagram

This what they on y'all.... The hateful racist Whites at it again....While we're marching & protesting peacefully for equality 🤦🏽‍♂️They trying to create another false narrative to oust fear and hate into the hearts & minds of their neighbors 🤷🏽‍♂️ WE ARE AT WAR ‼️ But the good news is... God's only gon fight wit 1side....OUR SIDE‼️ They resorting to desperate measures because they know they losing leverage. THEY TIME IS UP‼️ Just stay on point and protect US & OURS at ALL COSTS‼️ Don't get caught lackin...

Believes in God

8 Oct 2019


In an interview with V-103 Atlanta’s ‘The Morning Culture'

God is real. I know God is real not because nobody told me because I’ve seen the impact he’s had on my life and I’ve seen things that nothing else and nobody, no human could have had a hand in and in affecting and God I did I know God is real. I feel it I had my own company. [19:34] God does not require a middleman. I don’t need nobody to get my prayers - patch me through I don’t need nobody to do that.

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