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Geithner is regularly labeled as a Jew because of his connections with global finance. And though there are some tenuous connections, Geithner is an Episcopalian--even though he's not particulalry religious.

Geithner is supposed to remain objective as a government economist, but his favor with the Obama administration and his economic policies clearly orient him toward the Democrat side of the fence.


Timothy Geithner was born in Brooklyn, New York but spent his life and education traveling much of the world–to places like Zimbabwe, Thailand, and China.

Geithner's religion is a matter of much debate and some controversy. As a high-powered economist with his finger on the pulse of national and world finance, many "Illuminati"-type conspiracy theorists are certain he's a Jew–at least a secret Jew–because who else could have so much power in the banking industry and national finance?

For example, Texe Marrs, a somewhat well-know anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, cites that Geithner's father is a "secular Jew" and that his father's Jewish family immigrated to the U.S. in 1908. Though hypocritically, Marrs also correctly points out in the same article that Orthodox Jews only consider someone a Jew based on the bloodline of their mother, all the while trying to make the case that Geithner is Jewish because of his father's ancestry. Furthermore, Marrs never offers any citations, only referring to his "extensive research."[1]

Geithner's mother is a Mayflower descendent,[2] meaning her ancestors came to the U.S. as Puritans–a highly conservative sect of the Episcopalian Church–to escape religious persecution.

This seems to be more in line with Geithner's true religious roots, as he is generally designated by his own family as Episcopalian. An inquirer asked Geithner's father-in-law about his religious views and got a reply that said:

Geithner [is] not Jewish, [he was] raised Episcopalian, but [is] hardly religious now.[3]

Politics of the obligated non-political

As a U.S. government economist, Geithner is supposed to be non-partisan–sort of like Supreme Court judges. But the honest observer can only laugh at that sort of naivety.

First of all, Geithner is an Obama appointee to Secretary of the Treasury.[4] His policies have favored what are considered Democratic economic principles, such as a stimulus plan[5] and an endorsement of Obama's "Buffett Rule," which would raise taxes on America's super-wealthy.[6]

Beyond that, Geithner has been in a veritable war of words with Republican critics,[7] who claim, among other things, that his economic plans stifle growth by penalize "job creators."

For all of these reasons, Geithner clearly seems like a Democrat.

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