Tom Hiddleston

The Religion and Political Views of Tom Hiddleston



Tom Hiddleston is probably not religious, but we don't know for sure.

Political Views

He doesn't discuss partisan politics, but is sick of the high level of class consciousness in the U.K.


Tom Hiddleston was born and raised in London, England.

Hiddleston didn't make it very easy on me to decipher his religious views, but we'll do our best here. He said in one interview that his father was from "strong, Presbyterian Scottish working-class stock."[1] But he makes no indication that he was raised Presbyterian.

He commented on "our increasingly secular society" in one interview, but not in a negative way. And in another he discussed the human role in the creation of religion and mythology. He said,

The thing about playing gods, whether you're playing Thor and Loki or Greco Roman gods or Indian gods or characters in any mythology, the reason that gods were invented was because they were basically larger versions of ourselves.[2]

So maybe he's an atheist. This blogger makes a pretty good case for it. But then there's all those tweets about God on his Twitter feed like,

"The lord in heaven bless thee!" (bit of casual Shakespeare on a Sunday night)[3]

But in nearly every case where God is mentioned, it's in the context of a Shakespeare quote.[4] I did find an unsourced Hiddleston quote about how "God always laughs at your plans" so he tries not to make any, but it's unsourced. I can find no confirmation that he actually said it.

Alas, we have no smoking gun. I'm going to go with mostly non-religious, but maybe a little religious for now. If you have evidence one way or the other, leave me a link in the comments!

Class Avenger

There's not too much information about Hiddleston's political beliefs either. I couldn't find any endorsements or criticisms of political parties and candidates. But he does seem to be interested in class divisions in the U.K. He said,

The one thing I despise is how everything artistic, political or intellectual has to be refracted through this prism of class consciousness. It probably is more sensitive to me but everything becomes really narrow-minded and pedantic and bigoted.[5]

Perhaps his passion for social equality makes him sound liberal. Hiddleston also appealed to fans through his Twitter account to tell Prime Minister David Cameron to support a UNICEF campaign to end childhood hunger across the globe.[6] But that is hardly a partisan topic to be sure.

That's all we have on this actor so far. If you catch an candidate endorsement or anything else from Hiddleston, keep us updated in the comments.

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