Tony Hawk

The Religion and Political Views of Tony Hawk



Tony Hawk is non-religious.

Political Views

All signs point to liberal, although he hasn't come out and said it.


Tony Hawk was born in Carlsbad, California and raised in San Diego, California.

There is basically nothing to say about Hawk's religion besides the fact there there isn't anything to say. Despite the fact that at least one church used Tony Hawk's name in an effort to appeal to young people,[1] there's no indication that Hawk goes to church himself.

So we'll have to assume that Hawk is non-religious. If you have some inside information that I missed, please let us know in the comments.

Bert, Ernie, and Illicit Skateboarding

Tony Hawk doesn't appear to be all that political either, but we have a little more to work with on this one. He was at least aware that the 2012 presidential election was happening, even though he didn't officially endorse a candidate. He posted a video on his twitter account of several famous skaters asking the candidates their views on various skateboarding issues spliced in with footage from the debates, making it look like they were actually answering. The video's goal didn't seem to be a political endorsement, but I think Obama came out on top.[2]

He also tweeted this on election night that year, presumably after Obama's victory was announced,

Long live Bert & Ernie[3]

That sure seems like a reference to Mitt Romney's professed love for Big Bird, a symbol of public broadcasting, funding for which he vowed to cut.[4] I suppose he could have been watching Sesame Street randomly at 10:30 at night, thinking about how much he loves the muppet duo, but probably not.

Along those lines, Hawk got an opportunity to meet President Obama in 2009 and he seemed pretty impressed. And then after he got some criticism for skateboarding down a hallway in the White House without permission, he said with a hint of disgust that the only people who were upset were conservatives.[5] It doesn't seem like Obama minded. He introduced Hawk as "the best skateboarder in the world."[6]

Skateboarding has been associated with America's youth counterculture since Hawk was just a kid. And the counterculture doesn't always mesh too well with Republican ideals. Call me out if you disagree, but I think it's safe to call Tony Hawk a liberal, and probably a Democrat.

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