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Criticizes Trump


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Possibly Criticizes Trump

20 Dec 2018

In an interview with Rolling Stone, about Kanye West wearing a MAGA hat

I mean, s**t, I’d tell him, ‘Bro, chill. What you gotta understand is, young black kids are looking up to you, and the message you used to preach in your earlier music? It’ll make a young black kid — it’ll make any kid — confused.’ That s**t was — come on. But when Ye get on some s**t, he on some s**t. I don’t know if that n***a just liked the hat or what, dog. Ye deals with different s**t in his life. That’s family. You don’t wanna desert your bro. Everybody go through s**t. He still a dope musician. But he’s definitely hit me up about it, and I’ve told him, ‘Man, you got kids looking up to you, feel me?’


28 Oct 2018

Travis Scott went to support Beto O’Rourke at Houston Rally.

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