Trey Songz

The Religion and Political Views of Trey Songz


Trey Songz, whose real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson, was born and raised in Petersburg, Virginia.

Songz is some sort of Christian. Apparently, he was often taken to church by his devout grandmother, who sang in the choir.[1] Also, he's sometimes spotted wearing a cross around his neck.[2]

But that's about it. Oh, other than the rumors that he's "Illuminati,"[3] whatever that means.


Songz seemingly isn't political–unless it's about Obama. During the 2012 elections, Songz was all over the president's reelection efforts. In his home state of Virginia, Songz held a "Gotta Vote" concert in hopes of getting people registered to vote.[4]

And his twitter feed around election day in 2012 was full of supportive tweets, like:

Americans let your voice be heard!!! I spoke and said "OBAMA!!!![5]


Virginia lets go!!!! You know what we gotta do. Give our guy another 4 to push our country 4ward!!![6]

So, we've honed in on a label: Democrat. But that's as far as Songz will let us go at this time. Keep us updated in the comments.

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