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The Religion and Political Views of Vanessa Hudgens



Hudgens' ethnic background is so diverse, she could have been anything from Buddhist to Native American--but she went with Catholic. She seems to go to church regularly.

Political Views

Hudgens hasn't talked about her political views, but she's probably a liberal given her openness to the gay lifestyle.


Vanessa Hudgens was born in Salinas, California and grew up in various places along the U.S. west coast.

Hudgens comes from a very ethnically diverse family. Her father is part Native American, part Irish. Her mother is part Filipino, part Chinese, and part Spanish. Her religious upbringing could have gone a lot of different ways. But Hudgens was brought up Roman Catholic, which she doesn't talk about much, except to justify her fashion accessories, saying:

I'm a jewellery addict. I love it and could load it on all day. I'm Catholic, so that's why I have two crosses on.[1]

Still, she seems rather devout and is frequently spotted by paparazzi leaving or entering a Catholic church.[2] But don't think she's a good, religiously conservative, prudish girl. Perhaps Hudgens' greatest career challenge has been justifying away and trying to deflect attention from the numerous nude photo scandals she's been involved with.[3]

But as one commentator rightly asked:

What kind of catholic would Vanessa be without a naughty streak?[4]

Political emptiness

Hudgens hasn't gotten into politics, not even enough to endorse Barack Obama like a good little Hollywood liberal should do. But given her penchant for nudity, maybe she'd be more suited to the politics of European beaches.

One can reasonably speculate that Hudgens is quite liberal. She's been busted making out with girls, for one.[5] And second of all, she's totally down with gays, saying:

I do have a bunch of gay friends, my hairstylist is gay, and my makeup artist in New York is gay — just lots of people in my life that I love.[6]

Beyond that, she's made no statement about her political or social views. She does, however, support various charities–particularly children's charities.[7] So, we could argue that she cares about a better society.

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