Willem Dafoe

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Advocates Against Sexism

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Willem Dafoe

Supports #MeToo Movement

Advocates Against Sexism

20 Mar 2018


In an interview with Boston Globe, talking about the #MeToo movement

I’ve got my ears open. I hear what’s being said, and I think adjustments have to be mad. Some I knew about, some I knew about but wasn’t conscious of, and some are just horrible old traditions. It’s having an effect on me. When I read a script and all the male characters are great and all the women characters are taking off their clothes, and the men are making love to them heroically and the women are thanking them, I think, ‘Hmm. I don’t think this washes anymore,’ and I’m not alone.
Willem Dafoe

Possibly Advocates Against Sexism

22 Nov 2009


In an interview with The Guardian

Sometimes I think women are lucky because they can develop in ways men can’t… It’s our bodies that color how we function in society. We’re all stamped by our sexuality: whether we’re straight or gay, whether or not we have children. Emotionally men and women are different, but only as a result of the physical differences. It all comes back to our bodies.

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