The goal of Hollowverse is to allow you to read and share what you know about celebrities' religions and political views, regardless of what those might be. We want to be a place of entertainment and discovery, and we also want to be as informative and unbiased as possible.

Anyone can contribute to Hollowverse, including you! Through our unique process, you can submit Facts.

Facts are to Hollowverse what Tweets are to Twitter. Hollowverse Facts are simply sayings or actions that celebrities did publicly.

You can submit a Fact or write a reply to one. Our Fact guidelines are open for everyone to see, our process is transparent. We accept Facts for any celebrity of any political or religious ideology and our own ideologies have no influence on our decision to accept or reject a Fact.

Once a Fact is accepted, it receives Issues and Tags. Issues are the discussion subjects related to the Fact, and the Tag is a way for users to easily understand the position of that celebrity when it comes to the Issue in question.

For example, if a celebrity claims to confess to a priest every week, we would assign the Issue: Religion and the Tag: Catholic. Or, as another example, if a celebrity has voted for Democrat candidates for the past 20 years, we would assign the Issue: Political Affiliation, and the Tag: Democrat.

We also have a forum where you can comment on any Fact. This is our way to stimulate conversations about the Issues and Tags applied to celebrities. It's a place for you to learn with the community, but more importantly, a place to argue and question the Issues and Tags applied to the Fact. After all, religion and politics are complex subjects close to most people's hearts, and we want to make sure Hollowverse represents in as objective and clear a way as possible what the beliefs of celebrities are.

So Hollowverse is not only a source of unbiased information about celebrities and their personal beliefs, but also a place of respectful discussion and free-thinking. We hope to see you on our forum!