Post Malone

Disencourages Voting

Praises Bernie

19 Dec 2016

In an interview with The Breakfast Club

I didn’t vote [because] our votes don’t count. Our votes are suggestions to the electoral college. They vote for whoever they want. It doesn’t make any sense. [...] I feel like Bernie Sanders was fit because I think he was the realest ones.

Distrusts Elections

Disencourages Voting


19 Oct 2015

In an interview with DJ Suss One

I’ve got anarchy tattooed on my stomach so you won’t see me voting unless the people have a real voice, which they don’t. [...] I do think they count the votes I just don’t think they f*****g matter. [...] Whoever got the most money is on top.

Disencourages Voting

23 Oct 2013

In an interview with Jeremy Paxman

They shouldn’t vote, that’s one thing should do, don’t bother voting… stop voting, stop pretending, wake up, be in reality now, why vote we know it’s not going to make any difference, we know that already.