Chris Pratt

Criticizes Media

29 Jun 2022

In an interview with ITK

There’s an illusion of that we’ve gotten more partisan, but the truth, if you’re looking at it from my understanding, is there’s a very small group of wackos on the right and a very small group of wackos on the left. […] Each of them are sort of echoed through mainstream media — whether it be Fox or whether it be CNN — and a lot of times there’s political posturing, to try to get onto Fox, or try to get onto MSNBC or CNN.

Criticizes Black Lives Matter

Criticizes Trudeau

Possibly Against COVID Guidelines

Criticizes Media

10 Feb 2022

In a video on Rumble

The BLM organization is run by self-described communists, and BLM demonstrations in summer 2020 led to rioting, arson, destruction and physical injuries in many North American cities. And yet, Mr. Trudeau went to kneel at one such demonstration here in Ottawa. And the media covered it as legitimate protest. In contrast, Mr. Trudeau has been nothing but vicious and vindicative in his attacks against opponents of COVID mandates and restrictions in general, and the truckers convoy even though they have been entirely peaceful and nonviolent.
Rose McGowan

Criticizes Media

Supports #MeToo Movement

4 Mar 2019

In an interview with CNBC

For me, #MeToo is simply a shorthand to discuss something that was previously not able to really be publicly discussed. [...] I am always confused a little bit when the media calls it a movement. I think it was a media thing that scared people that made it seem like there’s thousands of women in the streets with pitchforks running after men — and that’s really not the case.

Climate Change Believer

Criticizes Media

9 Oct 2018

In a tweet

I see the idiots already crawling out to say I'm a climate change denier. I have not and do not deny climate change or even that human activity impacts the climate through emissions. I do question the catastrophic headlines and insane panic attacks.
Donald Trump

Criticizes Media

6 Mar 2016

In an interview with Face the Nation

I don’t like any group of hate. Hate groups are not for me, but I’ve said this before. The press hates me to say it. They just don’t want to pick it up.

Distrusts Politicians

Criticizes Media

23 Oct 2014

In an interview at BBC Newsnight

The time when people trust politicians that’s over, that era has passed. [...] The media play a vital role in managing the outcome of referendums.
Ashley Judd

Criticizes Media

9 Apr 2012

In an article written for The Daily Beast about media commentary on her appearance

The assault on our body image, the hypersexualization of girls and women and subsequent degradation of our sexuality as we walk through the decades, and the general incessant objectification is what this conversation allegedly about my face is really about. A brief analysis demonstrates that the following “conclusions” were all made on the exact same day, March 20, about the exact same woman (me), looking the exact same way, based on the exact same television appearance. The following examples are real, and come from a variety of (so-called!) legitimate news outlets (such as HuffPo, MSNBC, etc.), tabloid press, and social media.

Criticizes Media

3 Mar 2012

In a tweet

Anyone know where I can get incessant 24 hour coverage of the republican primary on a loop? Oh, any channel on tv? Thanks!