Supports South Sudan Refugees

27 Jul 2017

In a tweet

Just a heads up about @danieljgillies project to help raise money and awareness for the refugees of South Sudan...

Supports Congo War Victims

11 Apr 2017

In a video for The Enough Project

The war in the Congo is one of the deadliest wars in World War 2. I vow to keep the promise to help support Human Rights in the Congo.
Ryan Gosling

Supports African War Victims

12 Jan 2017

Ryan Gosling nominated The Enough Project for a $1,000 donation.

Supports Congo War Victims

27 Apr 2011

Ryan Gosling wrote an article about the victims of the Congo war. In the article, he encourages people to demand conflict-free product from U.S. companies.

Pro Aid to Uganda

7 Sep 2010

In an excerpt from The Enough Moment

That experience when we lobbied Congress was really great because we got a crew together and we walked around Capitol Hill and knocked on doors, and we talked to quite a few representatives and senators. We explained the issues of northern Uganda and what we had seen. The reaction from the representatives was fascinating. Voters think that these officials don’t get their calls or letters, but they do get them. It was interesting to actually see that they do have an office. And if you have sent a letter to that office, they have received it. And if they get 100 letters in that office, they pay attention to that. A few of the representatives said, “Look, it would be embarrassing for me if I got 100 letters in my office and I didn’t deal with the issue.” So it was nice to go and put perspective on this place that seemed so inaccessible to me before and to realize it is just a building with a bunch of people in it, and yeah, if you make a big enough noise, they will listen.

Advocates Against Lord's Resistance Army

27 Apr 2007

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, talking about Joseph Kony and its victims on Uganda

I want to tell a story about them, with them, starring them. A movie with children and violence that’s true is very difficult to get made. If it was a bogeyman in the bush that was trapping all these kids, I could get $100 million to make it.

Supports Darfur Refugees

18 Apr 2007

In an interview with JoBlo

Two years ago I went to the Darfur refugee camps in Chad and I was shooting a little piece of a documentary on the conditions in the camps. And I think with anybody who goes to Africa, the experience never leaves, certainly the kids don’t. It was there that I learned of the whole phenomenon of child soldiers and night commuters, and this whole situation in Uganda of a 20 year conflict, with 30,000 kids abducted and 1.5 million removed from their homes. It’s gruesome. It’s like a Grimm’s brothers fairy tale, you can’t believe it. I for myself, I need to know what I was hearing was true. It’s a great thing about this job, that you have the luxury to go to places like this and have access to people who have made this their life’s work. I’ve been sitting down with people who have been involved for the twenty years. I get to learn from them and spend time with them, and then I’m given a platform to talk about those experiences. Some people find it irritating but I don’t think we have a choice. If you see those things and you’re given the opportunity to talk about them, you have to.

Pro Aid to Uganda

1 Mar 2007

In an opinion piece written for ABC

Though crucial, it isn’t enough just for American citizens – whether college students, churchgoers or Hollywood actors – to send aid and moral support. The U.S. government must step up and respond to this moral outrage by making peace efforts more effective than they currently are. The missing ingredients in the current process are leverage with the parties and a focus on the real security issues that sustain the rebellion. U.S. engagement could make a huge difference in the lives of millions of Ugandans. We don’t have to send U.S. troops or billions of dollars in aid. Dispatching a senior American diplomat – with the blessing of the White House – to work all the issues necessary to end the conflict would give the Ugandan president a peace partner that would help motivate him in the peace process, and give the LRA the confidence that its adherents wouldn’t be hunted as terrorists if they signed and implemented a peace deal.