Guy Fieri

Against Money in Politics

Pro COVID-19 Aid

28 Jun 2021

In an interview with The New York Times

I mean, I'm pissed. It's because there's not enough unification. We all love each other in the restaurant business. We're all chefs together and so forth. But airlines have big powerful money and attorneys and lobbyists. And we've got home-built restaurant companies that were passed down from a restaurant, that were passed down from generations, with not as much energy and power and unification.

Pro Expanded Voting Rights

Possibly Against Money in Politics

13 Mar 2021

In a tweet

The real losers of voter suppression are our democracy and the people who live in it. Text UNRIG to 21333 to make sure your Senator knows you want to see the #ForThePeopleAct passed NOW.

Against Bailouts

3 May 2020

In a tweet

right now, countries across the world are planning to bailout climate destroying industries & banks that fund them.Big Business and Climate Destroyers instead of People& Planet. This breaks the #ParisAgreement

Wants Business in Politics

Doesn't Want to be a Politician

12 Jul 2017

In an interview with The Guardian

I do think the government needs real business advice, rather than attaching names for publicity reasons. Lots of different people in business could add value, not just by being advisers, but by being embedded in steering committees. [...] I’m not sure I’m cut out for politics, because I wouldn’t bullshit the nation. I’d much rather be open and honest with the electorate and say: “This is reality, this is the situation we’re in and this is what we’re doing to get out of it”. While that might be quite refreshing to hear, I don’t think it would go down too well. I’m not saying I wouldn’t ever be interested, but I’m pretty focused on my life in business at the moment.

Pro Money in Politics

13 Mar 2014

In an interview with Rolling Stone.

Money has always been in politics. And I’m not sure you’d want money to be completely out of politics.