Adrian Peterson

The Religion and Political Views of Adrian Peterson



Peterson is a devout Baptist.

Political Views

Peterson is fairly non-political, though he seems to be a fan of Barack Obama.


Adrian Peterson was born and raised in Palestine, Texas.

Peterson is a Baptist,[1] and very devout. Not only will you find that his Twitter feed is rich in God speak, he also says things like:

Jesus Christ means the world to me… I've always prayed to Him and asked Him to give me the strength to endure and to help others and to better understand whatever situation I deal with in my personal life.[2]

And it seems his religious views have an effect on his political views–it's difficult to differentiate them. He often tweets about how America is a Christian nation and that the loss of God in American institutions and organizations is problematic:

Our Country was founded on Christianity! Maybe things wouldn't be so Crazy if we stuck to those christian Principles![3]

I'd be interested in knowing what that means to Peterson. Let's find out!

God and Obama

It's often difficult to pinpoint what is meant when Christian principles or God are referenced in conjunction with governance. It may be tempting to attach a Christian ethic to things like anti-abortion or anti-gay marriage, but Peterson doesn't get into these topics. He did once tweet:

What happen to the pledge In Schools, before the day got started ??? ONE NATION UNDER GOD! What happen to that!!![4]

So, one wonders. All we really know is that he's a fan of Obama. He once said in an interview:

I feel like Barack Obama wouldn't be the president if he didn't feel like he was the best representative of the United States.[5]

He was once asked a rather strange question by a paparazzi: "The first person to come out of the closet in the NFL, do you think it'll be a white player or a black player?" His reply, rather non-committal:

It could be a Hispanic, you know, it could be an Asian. You never know.[6]

Before the cameraman could ask any further questions, he quite literally fell on his face and Peterson walked away. Kind of funny. Watch the video.

But seriously, this guy's kind of a closed book. Let us know in the comments if you hear anything.

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