Reggie Bush

The Religion and Political Views of Reggie Bush



Bush is a devout Christian.

Political Views

Bush is a Democrat, and perhaps a little liberal.


Reggie Bush was born and raised in San Diego County, California.

Reggie Bush is definitely Christian of some kind. And when he speaks of it in his Twitter feed, he speaks of a "pastor,"[1] which can be used in Catholicism but it's rare. It's a more common designation for ministers to various Protestant, namely Baptist, denominations.[2]

In any case, he had a religious upbringing. After his failed marriage to Kim Kardashian, Bush's mother was reported to have asked that he settle down with a "wholesome, religious woman who's out of the spotlight."[3]

Bush's twitter account frequently mentions his church visits and his faith in God. His handle comes with the description: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."[4] And he tweeted:

I'm thankful for the blessings god has bestowed upon my life…[5]

We're going to tentatively put him in the very broad "Protestant" category. If any of you readers have an accurate source revealing Bush's chosen denomination, let us know.

Tolerance and Obama

Bush is an Obama supporter, meaning he's a Democrat. He tweeted right after Obama won reelection in 2012:

Lol man people are really sour skittles right now because Obama is back! If you don't like that I support Obama that's not my problem[6]

He later tweeted that he was proudly watching the president's inauguration ceremony.

And when Obama tweeted his dissatisfaction with an NFL referee lockout in 2012, Bush backed him up.[7]

He also echoes the (generally) Democrat view toward homosexuality. During a twitter conversation about the use of the colloquialism "no homo," Bush said:

I think if the 'no homo' comment offends anybody then it's most likely better left unsaid along with other degrading words … thanks guys![8]

So, we'll say he's at least a bit liberal.

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