Alexis Texas

The Religion and Political Views of Alexis Texas


Alexis Texas was born on an American military base in Panama, and grew up in Castroville, Texas.

Texas doesn't talk about religion, so I think it's safe to say she's non-religious. I can imagine some porn stars might find the need to reject their childhood religions–which quite probably don't look very highly on the porn industry.

She made one mention of Jesus on her Twitter feed, but it sounds more like a line from Talladega Nights than a sincere appeal to the divine:

Bored in the Chicago airport waiting on another delayed flight. . . lets get it together baby Jesus I just wanna land this booty in montreal.[1]

She also said she was blessed to have a "ginormous ass,"[2] but really, who would ever put those words together in a sentence in serious praise of God?

Texas' political views are equally vague. She's from Texas, which is predominantly Republican, so we could guess she follows suit. She has also been accused of being racist since she won't perform in interracial pornography.[3] If it's true that she doesn't like black people much, it's probably a good bet that she's not a big fan of Obama.

But then again, whether she's actually affecting the political process by voting is questionable at best.

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