Shyla Stylez

The Religion and Political Views of Shyla Stylez


Shyla Stylez, whose real name is Amanda Friedland was born and raised in Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada.

Her religion is listed as "Christian – other" on her MySpace page[1] but it seems like the closest thing Stylez has had to a religious experience is appearing alongside fellow porn actor Jez Christ in the movie Let Me Kiss It To Make It Better.[2] Or maybe it was Jez that had the religious experience.

We can make an educated guess that the "other" next to Christian means probably not that Christian at all. I can't see her showing up at church every Sunday fresh from a shoot and sitting next to Grandma, but porn stars have been known to surprise in the past. Until she lets us know otherwise though, I think we can classify her as non-religious.

Politics isn't really her thing either, unless you count having an affair with the assistant sheriff a political statement.[3] But, in line with her political beliefs (or lack thereof), all she had to say about what eventually became a sex scandal in the Orange County Sherrif's department was:

I'm not going to confirm anything about anything. You've caught me off-guard.[4]

We could guess that Stylez is a Republican, considering she may want to hang onto every last penny of her $1 million fortune.[5] But assuming that she cares enough about politics to associate with a particular party might be assuming too much.

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