Amy Lee

The Religion and Political Views of Amy Lee


Amy Lee, whose real name is Amy Lynn Hartzler, was born in Riverside, California. As a child, her family moved around a lot, stopping in Florida and Illinois before settling in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Lee is a Christian[1] but it is unclear which denomination, if any, she subscribes to. Nor is it stated anywhere her level of devotion to Christianity. She did once make the effort to quash any rumors that her band, Evanescence, was orienting itself toward becoming a Christian band, calling the whole idea the "lamest thing."[2]

The literary content of her music confirms her fascination with spiritual themes, however, and she once said:

I definitely have always been fascinated with the darker side of things–death, the afterlife–sort of these things that I don't really understand and maybe never will.[3]

The Essence of Politics

Lee hasn't said anything about politics or politicians except that she thinks it's all "stupid" and that former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is "hilarious."[4]

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