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The Religion and Political Views of Luke Bryan



Luke Bryan is Christian, but doesn't talk about it all the time.

Political Views

He might be Republican, but has never said so.

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Luke Bryan, whose full name is Thomas Luther Bryan, was born and raised in Leesburg, Georgia.

Bryan is just as Christian as any other country boy, but he’s not over the top about it. His belief in God seems to fit snugly into his everyday life.

He grew up playing music with his church youth group (and also in bars),[1] says he feels blessed about all this fame and fortune,[2] and is happy to use his God-given talent to help others.[3] About how to deal with hardships in life like when his brother died in a tragic car accident, Bryan says,

Just keeping your chin up, understanding God has a plan for you, and keep plowing on.[4]

And if that isn’t enough, Bryan sings a song that’s sure to solidify his spot as a Christian country music star. “Pray About Everything” is about trusting in God when times get tough:

Don’t worry 'bout nothing/ Let it go, see what tomorrow brings/ Don’t worry 'bout nothing/ Pray about everything[5]

Less politics, more patriotism

Bryan is pretty vague about politics, implying he’s not too concerned with it. One might expect a country singer from rural Georgia to be conservative, and that’s certainly likely. His songs have been used at campaign rallies for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney,[6] although that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

In his song “Baby’s On the Way,” he admits to feeling out of place at a restaurant that serves “some kinda sushi, veggie, raw and edgy natural stuff,”[7] implying he’s not into the natural food movement, which is often associated with being liberal.

He also performed at a National Rifle Association event, which is a notoriously conservative organization. Before his performance he stated that meeting Republican Donald Rumsfeld was “one of the coolest things,” pretty much guaranteeing he’s not liberal.[8]

He claims to be very patriotic even though he had to write the lyrics to the national anthem on his hand when he sang it before a Major League Baseball All-Star game.

I feel like I can’t go serve my country, I can’t go be a troop and that’s one thing that hurts me about my life is I don’t have time to ever really be a veteran. I kind of feel like that’s the only way I can serve my country is get out and do the anthem.[9]

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