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The Religion and Political Views of AnnaSophia Robb



AnnaSophia Robb is a devout Christian.

Political Views

She is an Obama-supporting liberal.


AnnaSophia Robb was born and raised in Denver, Colorado.

Robb is a Christian, probably of the non-denominational sort. She apparently attended a large church while she was growing up, and like so many other singers and actors, got her start performing there.[1] She sends out prayers[2] and blessings[3] over Twitter. But even more revealing, she went on a mission to Guatemala with an inter-denominational ministry based out of Denver. And apparently it runs in the family. Her grandmother also performed missionary work, but in Chile.[4]

Robb played the role of Bethany Hamilton in the biographical film based on that surfer's encounter with a shark and embraced the religious tone of the movie saying,

The message that's ingrained through the entire script is about looking at the bigger perspective in life and not focusing on the smaller things, but moving on to the bigger picture God has for each of us.[5]

And it seems she's attracted to roles with religious undertones. She also co-starred in a movie with Hilary Swank about a former missionary who rediscovers her faith.[6]

We don't know any more about Robb's religious views, but it's enough to know that we might hear more from the actress as the years past. Keep us updated in the comments, won't you?

AnnaSophia's Celebrity Soapbox

Robb doesn't have a whole lot to say about politics, but she does appear to be a liberal. She supported Obama before she was even old enough to vote.[7] And presumably, when she tweeted about voting for the first time, she also supported him in 2012.[8]

On her website, she has a section dedicated to "changing the world," including a section on animal rights and another on the environment–two generally liberal causes.[9] She also uses her Twitter feed as a platform for encouraging environmental stewardship and conservation. She encourages her followers to lower thermostats to conserve energy,[10] bring reusable cups to the coffee shop to reduce waste,[11] and:

Go #vegetarian once a week- it's good for your diet AND helps save water & trees![12]

She certainly seems willing to use her celebrity status as a way to advance the issues about which she cares the most.

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