Kelly Rowland

The Religion and Political Views of Kelly Rowland



Rowland is a devout Methodist.

Political Views

Rowland is a liberal Democrat.


Kelly Rowland was born in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up there until she was eight-years-old when she and her mother moved to Houston, Texas.

Rowland is a Methodist[1] and is very devout. Like many religious stars, she credits her success to God, saying:

It's been my faith that has gotten me to where I am right now. It's been my faith that has kept me in the game for 15 years when I wanted to give up at certain times.[2]

Rowland's music career began in church[3] and much of Rowland's charity work revolves around her Houston Methodist church.[4] Now, she says she can't go on tour without her Bible.[5] Really, Rowland "can't live" without her faith:

I can't live without it. As kids we were so on fire for God… If all this were taken away from me right now I would still have my faith. If you don't have faith the world will eat you alive.[6]

Politics of Destiny

Rowland is a Democrat and an Obama supporter–though her support is a bit subdued compared to many other celebrities. She mostly shows her Obama allegiance through her Twitter account–tweeting quotes from both the president[7] and the first lady.[8]

Proof that Rowland takes at least some liberal positions is her unwavering support of and by the gay community. In Australia, she just came out and said it:

I think anyone who wants to be married should be married it doesn't matter if you are gay, straight or whatever, it's a celebration of love. Who am I to judge anybody?[9]

She participates in gay rallies and parades[10] and is quick to express her gratitude to the gay community for their continued support of her and her music, saying:

My gay fans are the reason I'm here, you know what I mean. For me, the gay community provides so much strength and I really say this with from the heart.[11]

Other political issues–economics, immigration, the environment–haven't made Rowland's list of hot topics–yet. Keep us posted in the comments.

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