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Gun Control

Pro-Gun Control

4 Jun 2022

In a tweet, along with an image depicting solutions for gun safety

The status quo won’t save our kids’ lives. Action will.

Gun Control

Pro-Gun Control

27 May 2022

In a tweet, after the Texas School Shooting in 2022

There will be more Uvaldes, El Pasos, Sutherland Springs, and Santa Fes until we decide to put the lives of our kids ahead of the political careers of gun lobby politicians like Greg Abbott.



2 May 2022

In a tweet

Every woman deserves the freedom to make their own decisions about their body, health care, and future. It’s never been more urgent to elect a governor who will always protect a woman’s right to abortion.


Follows COVID Guidelines

Pro Vaccine

25 Apr 2022

In a tweet

In addition to being fully vaccinated and boosted, I regularly test for COVID-19 while traveling the state for town hall meetings. I tested negative yesterday morning before testing positive today. I have mild symptoms and will be following public health guidelines.


Pro Free Education

8 Mar 2022

In a tweet

We’re going to FULLY fund our public schools.


LGBTQ+ Supporter

3 Mar 2022

In a tweet

Proud to fight for equality alongside @HRC As governor, I will expand civil rights protections for LGBTQ+ Texans, support trans kids, and ensure that every person in this state can live freely as themselves and free from discrimination.

Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Criticizes Putin

Supports Ukraine

24 Feb 2022

In a tweet

Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine. We condemn this invasion of a sovereign country by Russia and we stand on the side of democracy wherever it is under attack — in Texas, across America, and throughout the world.


LGBTQ+ Supporter

23 Feb 2022

In a tweet

To every trans kid in Texas: You’re amazing. I’m proud of you. You belong right here in Texas, and I’ll fight for you to live freely as yourself and free from discrimination.

Political Affiliations

Supports Biden

3 Mar 2020

In a tweet

I’m voting for Joe Biden because he can beat Donald Trump; because having him at the top of the ticket will help our down-ballot candidates, especially in Texas; & because he can bring people together to reach the ambitious goals we have for our country.

Political Affiliations

Criticizes Trump

15 Aug 2019

In a tweet

President Trump, you show great weakness every single day—when you attack women of color, when you degrade the office of the president, and when you ask our allies to stoop to your level.
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