The Religion and Political Views of Birdman



Birdman appears to be a fairly devout Christian.

Political Views

He doesn't talk about politics, but might lean toward the Republican party.


Birdman or Baby, whose real name is Bryan Williams, was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.

I couldn't find too much about religion from Birdman himself, but enough to know that he's a Christian. He said in an interview that he was blessed with "a God-gifted swagger."[1]

Birdman has a cross tattooed on his face, right between his eyes.[2] As far as I'm concerned, if you're going to get a tattoo on your face, it probably represents something pretty important. Even though Birdman has about a million tattoos, he says they're all important him:

All of my tattoos have meaning behind them. Some represent family, some love, some money, but every last one means something.[3]

He also has a $250,000 chain on which he sometimes wears a crucifix piece.[4] So even though we don't know exactly what God means to him or what denomination he adheres to, Birdman seems to consider Christianity a big enough part of his life to wear his faith on his sleeve–or his face, or his around his neck, as it were.

Republican Rap

The information on Birdman's political views is pretty sparse. Despite not endorsing any candidate, I'm going to assume that if he were going to vote, he'd be leaning toward the Republican side of things.

Second amendment rights, although rarely touched by Democrats, is a rallying cry of the Republican party. And Birdman seems to be both dedicated to exercising those rights and to knowing exactly what his rights are:

I'm always with a gun; I'm never not with a gun, but I have a permit, I know the legals of the guns. I know where your guns good and where your permit ain't good. . . . That's something we should all have knowledge of too.[5]

He started an oil and gas company,[6] which is a business that tends to lean toward the more aggressive oil policies of the right than toward the tighter regulations of the left. Although I will admit that one's a little bit of a stretch.

To add even more to the speculation, one website was convinced that if Lil Wayne ran for president with Birdman as his V.P., they'd be running as Republicans.[7] Not convinced? Let us know in the comments!

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