Bow Wow

The Religion and Political Views of Bow Wow



Bow Wow is a non-active born-again Christian.

Political Views

Bow Wow is an Obama supporter, but only for the reason the he felt Obama was better than the alternative. He might not necessarily be a Democrat.


Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, was born in Reynoldsburg, Ohio and grew up in Columbus, Ohio.

Bow Wow is a born-again Christian[1] and the word on the street is that his mother and step-father are rather devout. However, Bow Wow has admitted to not being comfortable with his religious heritage, writing in his blog:

For some reason the times i gone to church i feel out of place, like its not for me… Church and religion is something that can't be forced onto someone. My philosophy is this: I don't want to practice the word and still be doing the wrong… I don't want to feel like I'm misusing the church or the lord for the sake of my bad ways.[2]

But there's definitely some guilt there and if I had to venture a guess, I'd say Bow Wow still believes.

Politically sly and a prime candidate for the Independent Party

Bow Wow cares about politics. He really seems to. But he's very careful about his words. In 2008 amidst Barack Obama election fever, Bow Wow went on a multi-city campaign to encourage young people to vote. But during the campaign, he explicitly refused to say who he was going to vote for.[3] But everyone knew; they knew.

Later, after Obama won the election, Bow Wow was asked to comment and he said with the wisdom of a man who had been playing in the big leagues since the age of 13:

For me, color doesn't matter. It's all about who does the job right… I wanted the best person to win… I didn't [vote for Obama] because he was black and I'm black.[4]

But despite his "big tent" approach, Bow Wow doesn't always see government through rose-colored glasses. He is very concerned that the powers that be manipulate ignorance for their own gain. He tweeted once:

[The government], they want us to be dumb and not want us to know whats going on. The more clueless we are the better they look.[5]

This tweet is consistent with his "get out and vote" campaign, in which he encouraged youth to get involved. Bow Wow appears to be a true advocate for democracy and an intelligent person. And at such a young age, we could see amazing things come from this guy in the future.

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