Camilla Belle

The Religion and Political Views of Camilla Belle



Belle is reportedly a devout Catholic.

Political Views

She's entirely non-political.


Camilla Belle, whose name at birth was Camilla Belle Routh, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

Belle doesn't talk about religion much–or at all. But by all accounts she's a devout Catholic. Her mother is Brazilian, so we can be pretty confident that at least that side are Catholics, and Belle attended Catholic schools growing up.[1] If it's true that she had a "strict Catholic family"[2] as some articles claim, it seems like she embraced it. She said,

I fully credit my family for keeping me grounded and for putting me back in line whenever necessary.[3]

It certainly makes sense that she's really into religion since she's dated two of the most uber-religious celebrities around: Joe Jonas and Tim Tebow.[4] Apparently she and Tebow enjoyed attending church together,[5] although whether they attended Baptist church or Catholic mass wasn't made clear. Doesn't seem like you could get much farther apart in the Christian world. Maybe that's why those two didn't make it in the end.

No need to disagree, just help the children!

Belle's silence on religion extends into the political world. She hasn't said a thing to indicate whether she supports the Republicans or the Democrats, or any other party for that matter. Maybe she doesn't want to talk about it because she's conservative and she doesn't want to confront the wrath or her fellow Hollywood celebrities.

Well, that certainly could be the case. Her Catholic background might align itself more with the conservative stance on women's reproductive rights–and it's possible that Obama's spat with the Catholic church over whether or not Catholic insurance companies should be required to cover birth control[6] could have pissed her off.

She's involved in some charity work, like all good Hollywood celebrities are, but none of the causes are particularly political. I mean, who's going to argue with helping to alleviate childhood poverty and abuse?[7]

So we'll have to give Camilla the non-political label until further notice. If you know anything else about this mysterious celebrity, please let us know in the comments.

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