Carrie Underwood

The Religion and Political Views of Carrie Underwood



Underwood is a devout Christian who grew up singing in her Southern Baptist Church.

Political Views

She won't say what her political views are, but some of her actions and a bit of pigeonholing puts her in the Republican/conservative camp.


Carrie Underwood was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma and raised on a farm in Checotah, Oklahoma.

Underwood is quite religious. She began singing long before her triumphant American Idol victory as a child in her local Southern Baptist Church and in Bible summer camps.[1] She says:

I grew up going to church camp and reading my Bible and having different faith books and movies in my life.[2]

Now, at the height of success, Underwood regularly thanks God for her luck and inserts her faith into almost every conversation. She does blatantly Christian movies, such as Soul Surfer, a film about a woman who lost her arm to a shark attack and used her Christian faith to get her through it. Underwood said:

I hope that it is very clear that the faith in this movie is more than an undertone, and that the reason Bethany got through everything was because of her faith in God. It's easy to have faith when things are going great and you're on top of the world. I'm winning, I'm selling, I'm on tour and this is all great! But this story is about having faith when the chips are down and how to deal with that.[3]

Underwood cites religion as a major factor in choosing her current husband, hockey player Mike Fisher. He'll be able to do all those great things with her, such as going to church and praying and indoctrinating their children. Underwood says:

Mike has improved my walk with God.[4]

Not wise to mix country music and politics…Oh, wait…

Underwood doesn't want to give us her political opinions. She has gone so far as to condemn celebrities who are forward enough to endorse candidates or champion a political cause. She said:

There is someone I do support, but I don't support publicly. I lose all respect for celebrities when they back a candidate.[5]

But she's a Christian country singer. Isn't it assumed she's a Republican conservative? Her song, "Undo It" has apparently become a theme song for various Republican candidates.[6] But that doesn't mean she agrees with their politics.

But wait, Underwood is a vegetarian and a staunch supporter of animal rights and PETA–classic liberal stuff. Beyond that, she's been accused of supporting militant, terrorist animal rights activists–thought only to be completely ridiculous people.[7]

Then again, she did perform at an event honoring former president George W. Bush, alongside other country music artists.[8]

Put it all together, and I think she leans more towards the Republican/conservative side of the aisle.

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