Phillip Phillips

The Religion and Political Views of Phillip Phillips



Phillips is a devout Christian, and probably Baptist.

Political Views

He's as non-political as they come.


Phillip Phillips was born and raised in Leesburg, Georgia.

Phillips is Christian, probably Baptist, and appears to be quite devout. He's not as vocal about his faith as some other religious stars, but he still leaves nothing to doubt.

His friend and fellow American Idol contestant Colton Dixon told reporters that he and Phillips prayed before and after every performance.[1] And his family is clearly religious considering his mom asked fans to "pray a special prayer for Phillip" while he was suffering from kidney stones while performing on the reality TV competition.[2]

He also tweets about going to church,[3] says he reads a daily devotional,[4] and tweeted the following advice to kids attending a Baptist youth camp:

have a blast and meet new people! oh and remember that what happens there doesn't have to stay there…keep the faith even after camp.[5]

There you have it. Phillips is certainly giving out the vibe of a good Christian boy.

Conservative by Association

On the political side of things, Phillips is as tight-lipped as he could be. I found no candidate endorsements, no discussion of hot political topics (or cold ones), and no hint of an indication that he might lean one way or another. That said, let's speculate.

Phillips' hometown is overwhelmingly Republican,[6] so it would be reasonable to assume he came from a conservative family–albeit not a very fired-up one. Considering his total silence in public, I'm going to guess that he's a generally non-political conservative.

He obviously cares a good deal about his fellow Americans, even if he's not a political guy. In 2012, after Hurricane Sandy devastated the northeast coast, Phillips held a benefit concert in Staten Island to benefit those affected by the super storm.[7]

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