Cash Out

The Religion and Political Views of Cash Out



Cash Out is a Christian, and says God gave him a second chance.

Political Views

He's into the legalization of marijuana and probably Obama, making him a liberal by default.


Cash Out, whose real name is John-Michael Gibson, was born in Columbus, Georgia and grew up there and in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cash Out doesn't talk about religion all that much, in his lyrics or otherwise. I only found one little quote from him mentioning God, but it seems to indicate that he's definitely a religious guy.

Before he started his career as a rapper he got in some trouble with the law, which landed him in court. He ended up winning his case, and as he was leaving the courthouse, one of the jurors came up to him and told him they gave him a second chance. As he tells it,

So I'm thinking when I'm leaving, God sent me an angel letting me know I need to get right because he gave me a chance. I took heed to that.[1]

It doesn't say much, but it indicates he believes in God, is at least mildly devout, and probably a Christian of some kind. Oh, and then there's that giant sparkly cross he wears around his neck.[2] If you know anything more, tell us in the comments.

Weed, Voting, and Sex

The only political statement I could find from this rapper was about the legalization of marijuana. About the laws approved by voters in Colorado and Washington in 2012 that legalized the drug, Cash Out said,

It's great! I wish they would legalize weed everywhere and there would be way more happy people in this country.[3]

He also sent out a tweet encouraging followers to vote on election day in 2012,[4] and considering Obama took 93% of the black vote in that election,[5] I'm assuming that's who he voted for.

His work with the organization Safe in the Streets could be seen as partisan, but that's certainly not their aim. The non-profit is dedicated to promoting safe sex and the prevention of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.[6]

That's all we have so far on Cash Out. If you know anything we don't, please let us know in the comments!

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