Cee Lo Green

The Religion and Political Views of Cee Lo Green



Cee Lo is a Christian as a result of his upbringing. Being in show biz though made him more of a pantheist.

Political Views

Cee Lo doesn't seem to be interested in politics at all. He just says he has no beef with anybody.


Cee Lo Green is a bit mysterious. His music is soulful, American pop and he presents himself as quite the inaccessible artist. In interviews, he says things like:

Essentially, integrity is my business. It's my brand, you know? It's what I represent, it's my natural resource. Know what I'm saying? It's abundant. Know what I'm saying? In my heart. Know what I'm saying? In my actions, as long as my intentions are good, as long as they're golden, know what I'm saying, I always have 100 percent of my power. Know what I'm saying?[1]

No, I don't.

It all started with God

Cee Lo was raised by two Christian ministers. He began singing in church in Atlanta, Georgia before starting his career by joining the rap group Goodie Mob.[2]

As his career has taken off, it seems like music has become his religion. He has said:

Soul is the connection between us all, all music is derivative of soul, so.. I do soul music. This isn't throw back soul. It's my soul. I am compelled by the same spirit as our elders, I am raw black soul and I just can't help myself.[3]


Pissing off Beatles fans

We might think Cee Lo less of a Christian and more of a Pantheist[4] because of a controversy during his performance of John Lennon's Imagine during the 2012 New Year's celebration in New York's Times Square. Instead of singing Lennon's original lyric "and no religion too," Cee Lo sang "all religion is true."[5]

Got no beef

Cee Lo seems to be pretty grounded when it comes to being tolerant of all of the different belief systems and lifestyles, saying:

I don't have an opinion on people with different religious, sexual or political preferences. I'm one of the most liberal artists that I think you will ever meet, and I pride myself on that.[6]

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