Chevy Chase

The Religion and Political Views of Chevy Chase



Chevy Chase is non-religious.

Political Views

He is a vocal supporter of the Democratic party.


Cornelius "Chevy" Chase was born and raised in New York City.

Chase's religious views are the topic of some internet debate, mostly revolving around whether or not he might be Jewish.[1] But, as with so many websites' claims, there's no proof for these conjectures. We here at the Hollowverse try our best to give you reliable, sourced facts. And when we're just guessing, we'll at least try to have a good reason for it.

It is certainly possible that someone in Chevy Chase's ancestral past had some Jewish blood, but the lack of information concerning Chase's Jewness means that's pretty unlikely.

If we are to believe an unsourced conjecture on the actor's Wikipedia page, which is regurgitated on numerous other websites, that Chase's maternal lineage planted feet on American soil in 1624,[2] then chances are his mother's distant relatives were some kind of Christian, and probably Protestant.[3] And as one of our diligent readers pointed out, his genealogy–with names like Browning, Tinsley, and Parker–screams Protestant, not Jewish.[4]

So unless any of you can find a long-lost Jewish relative of Chevy Chase, we'll have to go with non-religious Protestant for now.

Blue All Over

A quick glace at Chase's campaign contribution report paints a pretty clear picture of his political affiliations: of the $231,275 he has donated since 1981, all have been to Demoratic candidates or Democratic political action committees.[5] Chevy Chase is blue all over. And he's been known to say a thing or two about it.

He's very close with the Clintons and called both Bill and Hillary "brilliant" and "too smart for Washington."[6] And he despises George W. Bush. In a rant at an awards ceremony for the liberal organization, People for an American Way, Chase said Bush "started a jihad" and continued:

This guy in office is an uneducated, real lying schmuck . . . and we still couldn't beat him with a bore like Kerry.[7]

So I suppose he wasn't a huge John Kerry fan, despite his $25,000 campaign donation during his failed run against Bush in 2004.[8] But he seems to be on the Obama train. Chase said he "believes very much" in the president.[9]

But the cause upon which Chase focuses most of his energy is environmentalism. He and his wife started the organization, Centre for Environmental Education, which focuses on educating children about environmental issues and sustainability.[10] He said his passion for this issue is about his concern for future generations:

This is about our kids, our children and what they will be able to enjoy and live with.[11]

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