Chris Brown was born and raised in Tappahannock, Virginia.

Brown is a born-again Christian who got his start as a singer in his church choir.1

In his professional life, Brown’s faith wasn’t really a big deal–until he beat up Rihanna. At that point, he was a music industry pariah, a media demon, and a Christian example of how not to be. But Brown used it to his advantage. Not only did he blame Satan for his deplorable behavior,2 he said that God was going to get him through the challenging time when everyone hated him. He said:

I am seeking the counselling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones and I am committed, with God’s help, to emerging a better person.3

He might have gotten this idea from his mother, who also released a statement saying the whole women-bashing thing was about God somehow:

You see this whole thing isn’t about Chris. It’s about God. He wants to show all of you the goodness of him through Chris.4

What does that even mean? Did God make him beat Rihanna? Because I thought it was Satan. I think these people just use God as a catch-all, fair-weather excuse for anything and everything.


It’s unlikely that any politician actually wants Chris Brown’s endorsement but he seems to be a fan of Barack Obama and was spotted wearing a shirt that read: “Obama or Die.”5

Other than that, Brown doesn’t seem too politically aware, except for voicing concern over massacres in Syria on Twitter, where he said:

Houla Massacre OMG!!!!! Not cool!6

Well put. Just brilliant.

And his relations with the gay community are less than ideal. Brown was reportedly using gay slurs at a gym basketball game, calling people faggots and saying things he didn’t like (such as a bad play) were gay.7

So, I guess we’ll call him a Democrat, but no honest liberal would call anyone a faggot. In all reality, Brown probably doesn’t care for much–religiously or politically–other than himself.

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