Chris Paul

The Religion and Political Views of Chris Paul



Paul is, by his parents' accounts, a devout Baptist.

Political Views

Paul is a staunch Obama supporter and even a minor member of the president's administration. That would make him a de facto Democrat.


Chris Paul was born and raised in Lewisville, North Carolina.

Paul is a Baptist and grew up attending the Dreamland Park Baptist Church in Lewisville.[1]

There's not much straight out of Chris' mouth about his religious views, though he does pray before every game while the Star Spangled Banner is playing,[2] so we can assume he's still devout in his faith.

His parents, however, are quick to proudly proclaim their sons strong faith in God–and their own. His father, Charles, said:

My wife and I give all the credit to God because God is the one that gave us Chris and gave us the chance. Like Chris says, he was given an opportunity to play basketball, so we're grateful for how God has blessed us.[3]

And while Paul was still in college, after his grandfather died, Charles said the experience had only made Chris' faith in God stronger.[4]

I'd like to hear it from Chris himself. Who knows what he really thinks? It could just be a classic case of deluded parents. Help us out in the comments if you know anything.

Buddy-buddy politics

Paul probably spends too much time practicing to really get heavy with the press about his views on individual political issues. But he and President Obama seem to have an interesting relationship.

First of all, Paul is a big supporter. He donated $30,000 to the president's 2012 reelection campaign.[5] And he serves on Obama's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition,[6] a special council where famous volunteer athletes advise the president (through the Secretary of Health and Human Services) on how he can help provide access to physical activity and nutrition programs for America's youth.[7]

In return, Obama talks Paul up during interviews and invites him to the White House to play all-star games with him and saying things like:

I love Chris Paul. He's a great guy.[8]

Paul certainly has friends in high places. Maybe we'll see a political career after he retires from basketball.

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