Cole Sprouse

The Religion and Political Views of Cole Sprouse


Cole Sprouse was born in Arezzo, Italy and grew up in Long Beach, California.

The information about Sprouse's religion is sparse. Most speculate that he and his twin brother, Dylan, are Christians.[1] That seems like a pretty good bet considering they are Americans. But there's not really anything else to go on.

Cole has a Twitter account, but I couldn't find any mention of God, praying, or feeling blessed on there. His brother Dylan mentioned in an interview that he was looking for a nice Christian girl, but it seemed more like a joke than a sincere statement of longing.[2]

My guess is that even if Cole and his brother do consider themselves Christians, religion probably doesn't play too big a part in their lives–just like politics.

Cole didn't even mention anything on his Twitter account over the 2012 presidential election, which was the first time he was old enough to vote. So I'm guessing he's either not into politics, or he doesn't want to deal with the inevitable backlash from his tween fans, no matter which side he chose. Regardless of whether he voted or for whom, apparently the Obama girls are fans of his.[3]

I did find one tweet from Cole about teachers, which could potentially be a political statement:

This country will see improvement in the form of quality education. Respect your teachers, the job they do is one of love, not of money.[4]

Maybe he's trying to say that improvements in our education system aren't going to come through testing, but on hiring good teachers. If Cole starts getting political, we're counting on you Sprouse Brothers fans to keep us updated in the comments!

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