Big Show

The Religion and Political Views of Big Show


Big Show, whose real name is Paul Wight, was born and raised in Aiken, South Carolina.

There is scant information on Show's religion, most of which is speculation. His MySpace page lists his religion as "Christian – other."[1] And at least one site speculates that he's a Christian.[2]

We know his religious beliefs don't prevent him from being too squeamish about kissing a man, which he did with good humor in a movie. (He is not gay, by the way.)[3]

But I didn't find any direct quotes which would indicate that he's Christian or religious in any way, so I think we should at least be skeptical. It seems likely to me that he's more non-religious than anything else.

Show might not talk about politics too much–or at least people don't tend to ask him–but he's clearly a Republican. According to several articles, he attended the 2004 Republican National Convention in support of George W. Bush's successful reelection campaign.[4] He was also involved in a non-partisan WWE-affiliated program encouraging fans to vote.[5]

Now if we could just find some articles or videos of him talking about it, we'd be set. Can you give us a hand? Let us know in the comments.

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