Courtney Stodden

The Religion and Political Views of Courtney Stodden



Stodden is a devout Christian.

Political Views

Stodden is non-political.


Courtney Stodden was born in Tacoma, Washington. She grew up there and in Los Angeles, California.

Stodden is a Christian. One reason Stodden's parents agreed to sign a consent form allowing her to marry a man thrice her age is because of her faith. Her mother said:

Courtney was a virgin when she married Doug. She is a good Christian girl.[1]

During high school, Stodden was apparently bullied to the point of dropping out. She finished high school at an online Christian Academy based out of Iowa called "Alpha Omega."[2] She regularly asserts her faith. During an interview about her controversial marriage, she said:

I knew that if I kept [my virginity], I would really be blessed with a beautiful gift and God did. He blessed me with my soulmate.[3]

And her Twitter account, the source of much entertainment, amidst outrageous tweets like:

Provocatively preparing my provokingly perky package for a pulsating night filled with puurfect party passion – meow ;)[4]

She'll say things like:

Had such a heavenly Sunday at church. I could feel Jesus rising up in me, pulsating my very spirit until my Jingle balls jangled juicily.[5]

It's kind of brilliant in a way.

An American girl next door

Stodden isn't the type to discuss any specific political issues in detail–or at all. She barely turned 18 before the 2012 elections, but no word on who she voted for, or if she voted.

She recorded a song, dedicated to American military personnel overseas, called "We Are America." Some choice lyrics include:

You are not alone when you left this world/You didn't not die in vain/You can speak through words as we form a human thing.[6]

On the anniversary of 9/11, she tweeted a whimsical little message out to surviving family members:

Expressing all of my love & luminous light today to all of the phenomenal families & heavenly heroes that were affected by 9/11. God Bless![7]

But other than semi-inspirational platitudes, there's really nothing political about Courtney Stodden.

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