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Alan Jackson appears to be a dedicated Christian.

He is non-political.


Alan Jackson was born and raised in Newnan, Georgia.

We know more about how important Christianity is to Jackson through his songs than through direct quotes from him. Religious themes and mentions of God and heaven run rampant throughout Jackson's songwriting, with songs like "Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'"[1] and "Monday Morning Church."[2]

But it was his album Precious Memories, a collection of gospel songs, that solidified him as a top Christian artist. In fact, that album was the best-selling Christian album in 2006, the year it was released.[3]

And it's possible that his wife's spiritual journey helped him get closer to his faith. She wrote a book about how her improved relationship with God saved their marriage,[4] so you've got to figure some of that's going to rub off. Regardless, there's no doubt that Jackson is a fairly devout Christian.

Iraq, Iran, and the Everyman

Jackson says that he doesn't like to write political songs.[5] The closest he got was his post-9/11 anthem "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)," which definitely doesn't speak to political partisanship, but rather the raw emotions of the non-political everyman. In the chorus he sings:

I'm just a singer of simple songs/ I'm not a real political man/ I watch CNN but I'm not sure I can tell/ You the difference in Iraq and Iran[6]

Speculation abounds from all sides as to which ticket Jackson supports,[7] but he's never confirmed nor denied any of it. So unless he's secretly donating money under an alias, it's safe to assume that Jackson was telling the truth when he said he's not a real political man.

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