Cristiano Ronaldo

The Religion and Political Views of Cristiano Ronaldo



Ronaldo is a Catholic, to varying degrees of devotion.

Political Views

Ronaldo is totally non-political.


Cristiano Ronaldo, whose full name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, was born and raised in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal.

Ronaldo is a Catholic. At times, he considers himself highly religious, saying things like:

I collect crucifix ­necklaces – it's because of my relationship with God. I always had a gift. I was shown the skills and I am a fantastic footballer but I do believe God gave me the gift.[1]

Other times, he's admits he's not the most religious football player, saying:

I am religious, in my own way, but not as much as Kaká for example.[2]

So, marginally religious at least, I suppose. His family is certainly religious. Reports abound about his strongly Catholic family's disappointment over Ronaldo's decision to obtain sole custody of his son–a job they feel is best suited for a mother and a father.[3] But at least he had his son baptized.[4]

Political Games

Ronaldo seems rather unconcerned with politics–either in his home country of Portugal, or his adopted countries of the United Kingdom or Spain. The closest he's gotten to being political, as far as I can tell, is playing in a football match for Real Madrid against Barcelona amidst cries for Catalonian independence.[5]  But he didn't make any comments on the situation.

In the non-controversial realm, Ronaldo supports various charities for children, AIDS research, disaster relief and education.[6]

But he might just do it because he can, or it makes him look good. He once said:

My family comes first – my son is the most important thing in my life. After that, it's the football that matters most to me. Money comes after that.[7]

Notice that social justice or world peace or anything like that is even mentioned. But hey, that's the life of one of world's greatest football players.

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