Gerard Piqué

The Religion and Political Views of Gerard Piqué



Gerard Piqué is most likely Catholic, and probably not terribly devout.

Political Views

He is non-political.

Wiki Edit

Gerard Piqué was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain.

It sure would make sense if Piqué was Catholic, and I’m not the only one who’s guessing that to be true.[1] After all, he is a Spaniard.[2] Plus his baby momma, Shakira, is Catholic. But, like Shakira, Piqué doesn’t appear to be particularly devout. He doesn’t talk about God or praying on his Twitter feed and he doesn’t wear a cross around.

But, he did visit the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, and appeared to pray while resting his yarmulke-covered head against the holy spot.[3] I guess that makes him sound more like a Jew than a Catholic, doesn’t it? But maybe he was just following in the footsteps of the Pope.[4] Plus a lot of non-Jews wear yarmulkes at the Western Wall,[5] including the Pope! Except his isn’t a yarmulke, it’s a zucchetto, which is a Catholic thing. So maybe that’s what Piqué was wearing on his visit, except that usually only. . . you know what. I need to stop. He’s not Jewish, okay?

Let’s conclude with all signs pointing to not terribly devout, but at least a little religious, Catholic.

Shaqué, or is Piquira?

If Piqué isn’t terribly religious, he’s not terribly political either, despite the fact that Forbes magazine named him and Shakira one of the 15 most powerful couples in 2012.[6] They did use their position of power, however, to garner some donations for UNICEF, the United Nations’ fund for children. A few weeks after their baby boy was born, they posted a picture on their website, but would only let fans see it if they made a small donation to the organization.[7]

Maybe we’ll see more from Piqué’s side of the Shaqué power couple as he settles into fatherhood. Or maybe we won’t. But you’ll keep us updated in the comments, right?

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