David Haye

The Religion and Political Views of David Haye


David Haye was born and raised in London, England.

The closest thing to a fact I could find regarding Haye's religion is that he celebrates Christmas. He seemed pretty excited about the semi-religious holiday on his Twitter feed, but he was a whole lot more concerned with the food he was eating than with the baby Jesus.[1]

His mother is English and his father is Jamaican,[2] so chances are he's got some Protestant blood in there. But that's all I've got on Haye's religion. If you've got anything else for us, let us know in the comments!

And the man isn't going to help us out with his politics either: he's entirely non-political. Well, unless you call being politically incorrect a political statement. The boxer caught some flack for wearing a t-shirt depicting him holding the dismembered heads of two of his opponents.[3] Distasteful, yeah. Political, meh.

He also visited Senegal and mentioned how odd it was that some of his ancestors could live there since slaves were brought to Jamaica from that area.[4] So. . . I guess he's at least semi-connected with the politics of his past?

Okay, you can tell I'm really stretching for something here. Maybe we should just leave it there: a totally non-political and non-religious celebrity.

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