Tom Daley

The Religion and Political Views of Tom Daley


Tom Daley was born and raised in Plymouth, England.

So, there's this one kid, who was says he was a friend of Daley's from childhood, who goes around to all the question/answer sites and tells everyone that Daley is Catholic.[1] I don't really know what to make of that. I mean, the persistence is charming. But considering I found literally zero information to back up that story, I'm going to have to leave it in the B.S. pile which is an inevitable by-product of doing research on the internet.

Moving on, let's see. . . yeah, I've got nothing. Not an inkling of religion in any interviews, pictures, or tweets. I'd say the most likely conclusion is that he's non-religious.

Think Before You Tweet

As one of the most recognizable British athletes in the 2012 London Olympics, it seems as though Tom Daley inadvertently stepped into the political arena despite being completely non-political himself.

First there was the fact that Prime Minister David Cameron was blamed for Daley and his diving partner Peter Waterfield just missing a medal and placing fourth in the synchronized diving competition,[2] despite the kind words he had for the athlete.[3]

But even more high-profile were the tweets Daley received following his fourth-place finish, including this one from Welsh footballer Daniel Thomas:

if there is any consolation for finishing fourth atleast daley and waterfield can go and bum eachother #teamHIV[4]

Although no charges were pressed, it definitely got the news world talking about bullying and homophobia in sports. As a public service announcement to all our readers, let this be a reminder: think before you tweet.

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